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J.Pool is at the forefront of the global ethnic & organic electronic music scene.


He is a nomad at Heart, His passion is traveling the world, collecting creative inspiration from nature & culture and Channeling it into sound.


His goal is to create music
that is connected to our instinctual roots as human beings.

His music style is a unique Blend of ethnic & organic textures with a Polished modern Touch,


African, Latin & Native American instruments and rhythms come together with contemporary electronic music production, fusing cultures to create his signature sound.

He enjoys exploring various formats for sharing musical experiences. From Dj sets to Dynamic Live Sets, festivals to intimate gatherings, ecstatic Dances, Cacao ceremonies, and ambient live sound Journeys.

With over 10 million streams across platforms and 100k listeners on spotify alone, J.pool is a highly recognized international artist.





bAsic inFo



 Canada / Mexico



Ethnic Downtempo, Downtempo

House, Organic House,

Tribal house


years active//


Record labels//

Cosmic Awakenings

Wonderwheel Records


TRND Music

Cafe De Anatolia

NUMA Medicine Music


Ohxala Records

Deep Bali Records

Cosmovision Records

Camel Riders Records

Agami Records

The Space Between

Available Experiences//

Live SET 

Hybrid Live Set / DJ Set

Sound Journey / Ceremony 

Ecstatic Dance

Open to Co-create new ideas

PasT GigS

2019 - present//

Scorpios, Mykonos

Noema, Mykonos

Before Sunset Beach, Turkey

Bonjuk bay, turkey

flow datca, turkey

Papaya Playa Project, Tulum

Nomade, Tulum

Tree House, Tulum

Woomoon, PPP, Tulum

Art WIth Me, Tulum

Woomoon, Ibiza

Story Tellers, Ibiza

Gardens of Light, Ibiza

Ikal, Tulum

MIA, Tulum

VagaluM, Boho Experience, Tulum,

Tekio, Tulum

Be Tulum

Habitas, Tulum

Habitas, Qatar

Cosmic Awakenings Showcase

Haab Project, CDMX

Dose, CDMX

Beach House, Ibiza

Six Senses, Ibiza

Amazonico, Dubai

Ecstatic Dance DBX, DUbai

Koko BaY, Dubai

The Sanctuary, Rome, Italy

The Sanctuary Milan, Italy

Envision Festival, Costa RIca

Eagles Nest, Guatemala

Embodiment Festival, Guatemala

Forgotten Land, Goa India

Primal Gathering, Portugal

Heart Culture, Austria

Bali Spirit Festival

Labyrinth Studio, Nuanu, Bali

The Yoga Barn, Bali
The Mansion, Bali


2018 - present//

Hi-reS PhotoS

 for download//



Direct email :

Fees Available upon request

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